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Of trust and taxes

mptvsmall23.jpg As the income trust fiasco re-ignites this week and the finance minister threatens to eliminate tax cuts if he doesn’t get his way, it seemed like a great time to talk about trust and taxes. Are income trust investors a bunch of geriatric, selfish whiners, or do they deserve support and sympathy? Is Jim Flaherty right to stick it to income trusts so he can finance other tax cuts? If so, which ones?

ctf.jpg john-williams.jpg
MPtv, being a natively curious medium, set out with its rucksack and camerabag to find the answers, and ended up on the doorstep of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. This watchdog group is the scourge of free-spending politicians, and here’s a conversation between Garth (always frugal) and CTF national director John Williamson.

To view the video, click here.

The Halton lists

From the telephone/email/visitor action at the riding office, courtesy of the unflappable Esther Shaye, my ace lieutenant, here is This Week in Halton .

#1 Question – Where’s my passport?

#1 Beef – Conservative Attack Ads

#1 Bouquet – Income Trust media conference.

esther.JPG And, this just in from Esther (still working at 9:45 pm on a Wednesday evening) – the Top 10 Halton issues in 2006, as voted on by our constituents:

(10) Child Tax Credit
(9) Swim Coach in Oakville with criminal record
(8) Afghanistan, including flag lowering, soldiers funerals
(7) Same sex marriage vote
(6) Income trusts
(5) The Environment
(4) Pension income-splitting
(3) Emerson
(2) Lebanon/Israel conflict
(1) And the top issue as responded to by Halton constituents in 2006 – Garth’s suspension

Another glass?

Was asked today what I thought of the TV ads the Harper Conservatives have done attacking Stephane Dion. And I said, this is probably a perfect example of why people hate politicians. They elect us to do stuff, and we end up spending all our time trying to screw each other.

If Tory caucus members think this is going to build support in their ridings, they’ve had way too much Kool-Aid.